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Brown Rice Salad

Posted by Anne McKenzie on

Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
1.  1 Cup Brown Rice
2.  1 tblsp Olive Oil
3.  1 tblsp Coco Earth Coconut Amino Sauce
4.   2 cloves of Garlic (crushed)
5.   2 tblsp of Currants
6.   2 tblsp of Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
7.   ½  finely chopped Red Onion

8.   1 cup of chopped Capsicum

1.   Cook rice until just tender and allow to cool
2.   Cut up capsicum and onions and add to rice
3.   Mix in Currants and Pepitas
4.   Mix Oil, Garlic and Coconut Amino sauce and stir in

Serves 2-3 people

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