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About us

Health experts agree that Australians consume far too much salt (sodium chloride) in their diet: most of that salt coming from the processed foods that we eat where it has been added as a preservative, a flavouring or both. Many of us, too, have grown up in families where salt was added routinely to cooking and even to the plated up meal at the table, via the trusty salt shaker. We can remember our parents reaching for the salt before even tasting their meal.

Excessive salt intake has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, fluid retention, stroke and many other health conditions. It is also considered to be a trigger of the vertigo associated with some vestibular (balance) disorders such as Meniere’s Disease.

It was after Kim was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease that we began our journey to adopting a low salt diet, to eating only foods containing no more sodium than 120mg per 100g.

Finding low salt foods, especially processed and convenience foods, proved to be a real challenge. We did a lot of scouring of supermarket shelves and would get excited about rare low salt finds, only to find that after several months they were no longer stocked.

Having always been a customer of Low Sodium Foods, the business set up by Martyn and Debbie Baker & then owned by Anne McKenzie & Marie Pearson,  we went from being Low Sodium Foods’ customers to the owners of the business on the 17th October 2021.

Their online store took the struggle out of the search for low sodium foods, especially the pantry basics.

As the new owners, we are committed to further developing the business and to continuing to offer the same friendly and efficient service Low Sodium Foods has always offered.

We hope to make this a valuable site for everyone trying to adopt a low salt diet.


Kim & Paul Dean